With a background in financial and strategic marketing, Ginny Townsend has spent over a decade helping organizations of all shapes and sizes draw out their unique gold, allowing them to connect quickly with their ideal clients.

Currently, Ginny works with entrepreneurs and business owners to fully develop a compelling signature offer that speaks their clients’ language, then helps them craft a strategic webinar based on that offer. She also specializes in filling the virtual room once their webinar is complete.

In addition to serving business owners and entrepreneurs as a Strategy and Growth Consultant, Ginny is also an Advisory Board Member for a legal-tech startup that also serves growing businesses, LegaLucy.

Her vision is “All Entrepreneurs Living Bigger Lives.” Helping others see their potential (and how to get there) is a common thread found in her more recent career. So, simple but powerful frameworks like UpLEVEL Together, #BusinessClass, UnSabotage, and her Business Consulting are a natural extension of her heart, wisdom, and talents.

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