Ep 73: Behind the Scenes with Two Successful Airbnb Hosts… How An Amazing Couple Pivoted to Profit With Short-Term Rentals in a Hot-Spot City

If you’re considering the addition of a short-term rental to your income portfolio, you know I’d give you a high five! But did you know I encouraged my brother and his wife to do the same?

Joining me today are the incredibly amazing Jonathan and Hannah! Other than being family, they’ve lived abroad for nearly a decade and after moving back to the States in 2019 took the plunge into real estate investment and added a short-term rental to their portfolio.

We have a fun, honest, and transparent look at their story and how Airbnb fits into their goals as a couple.

Here are two of the biggest takeaways I had from our conversation:

1. You can be as involved or uninvolved with your short-term rental as you’d like. There’s no wrong answer here and you can decide exactly what you want things to look like!

2. Short-term rentals can be a part of your real estate investment strategy or they can be the main thing. Again, no wrong answers here!

I can’t wait for you to meet them, let’s dive in…


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Thanks for joining me and until next time, continue to be up and to the right.

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Thanks for joining me, and until next time, continue to be up and to the right.


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