Ep 67: The Number One Barrier I See Keeping You From Your Short-Term Rental Goals… A Rant + Some Takeaways

WARNING: This episode is a bit of a rant. But it’s a rant with your success in mind.

Want to hear all about the one thing I see consistently keeping people from building the businesses they want to build?

Join me on this rant-ride and I hope you feel inspired to ditch this barrier and move your Airbnb business forward today.


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What is up Podcast Nation! Ginny Townsend here?.And thanks for joining me for another episode today guys. I want to talk about it might be a little ranty, but it is all with your best intentions and your best results in mind, but I want to talk about the number one barrier. I keep seeing that prevents people from getting to their goals and this podcast right is a

Out making money with short-term rentals even in the age of covid, which is incredible. It’s about bringing on additional revenue streams that you have more control over right that can be not only recession-proof, but that can be pandemic proof. And I think distractions are these little Insidious things that keep people from their goals their Insidious and so I want to talk about

Actions today and this obviously is about your Airbnb business or whatever goal you’re working on it is distractions, especially distractions around things. We can’t control. Okay, so I have a couple of things that I think fall under the things we can’t control and then there is one other distraction I think is pretty unique to entrepreneurs that I will cover at the end. So the first distraction

In my mind is the news. Yep. Now don’t get me wrong a stories like the GameStop stock skyrocketing that is fascinating. And you know, I think it is incredibly important to stay informed about issues that matter to you like social justice or Healthcare or politics or whatever. I’m not saying like whenever I mention that news is a distraction people are just like it’s important to stay informed.

Yes, I’m my gosh like saying that the news is a distraction isn’t me saying? Hey, you know go put your head in the sand and totally ignore everything everywhere all the time. I just think it is a wild distraction and I think I think it’s actually the overconsumption of news. That’s a destruction and going back to like what I just said the whole we have to be informed like you have to be informed now. This is getting pretty Randy.

I really do think that that that response is the 21st century version of self-righteousness now hear me out. I think maybe still but I would say in the nineteen hundreds and before like 1800 earlier the first self-righteousness always had a connotation of Faith or religion, like people being self-righteous. They you know, they think they’re better than others, but

But I think like why I called this the 21st century version is and I’m not discounting Faith at all in this by the way, but I’m just saying it is no longer tied to any kind of religion or faith people can be very self-righteous without having a religion or without having a faith because they’re informed. We all need to be informed. You know, I’m so much better because I’m informed anyway, so I think if people kind of need that to stroke their

Or whatever and feel better about themselves, that’s fine. But I

I think it’s worthwhile just being aware that it is a business model. Your attention is their business model. So so they have every intention they have every incentive to to gain much more of your intention because then more ads can be served their numbers are better and all of that their earnings go up.

Their business model is your attention.

So when when we consume the news we make other people money. We don’t make ourselves money. And so I have kind of instated a policy because like I said, I just don’t like extremes frankly. I think that’s I think Extremes in almost any area kind of frustrate me, so I don’t want to be a by the way ostriches always get this bad rap for putting their head in the sand and they actually don’t put their

In the sand isn’t that interesting you’re just learning things all over the place today, but I don’t want to have that my head in the sand perspective on the world because I do think it is important to know what is going on in our world. But I also don’t want to be an over consumer a hyper consumer of news like because it is addicting right like there’s that hit of adrenaline. There’s that outrage and fear that like really sells all that. So I’ve I have my own little system. So any amount of time I spend watching the news.

News I make sure that I devote 3x that amount of time dialed into something. So if I spend 20 minutes, it’s like okay. I need to make sure that I put an additional hour and of work or of whatever but like actually it might even be cleaning the house but like something actually productive versus sitting in consuming and then obviously another disk destructive. I think distraction very closely tied to the news because it is the

In business model, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I’ll say this but social again. Your attention is their business model. In fact, if you’ve seen the social dilemma, there is a line in there that says and I’m paraphrasing but if you don’t have to pay to use the product you are the product and so, you know, obviously we know that that social social media platforms their business model is our our data and our habits.

And our usage and all of that so because you aren’t paying to use it they get paid for you using it which I’m not opposed. I mean I if people enter into something like that knowing like okay, I know they’re tracking whatever it’s fine. Like I’m not this isn’t I’m not hosting the social dilemma here, but what I’m saying is going back to it’s a distraction from your ability to focus on building a business bringing.

New revenue streams and moving closer to Financial Freedom, right? Social media will never allow you to do that because what you spend time like the time that you spend on social can’t be used for anything else, right and Studies have shown by the way that our brains while watching TV or while we’re on social they actually have a lower level of activity than when we’re sleeping. So I mean like I get it it’s social is fun.

N and it’s lazy and it’s a way to check out so there is a place for it, but I just think it’s always mindful to know what are the distractions what are the things that are keeping me from from my goal, right? And yeah, okay. I’m just going to leave it there and the other distraction category that I have that’s listed editor under like what we can’t control is notifications. So like

News we can’t control what’s on the news. We can’t control what’s fed to us on social, you know to some degree and notifications. You don’t choose when different apps and companies send you notification. So that’s what I mean. You don’t choose you can obviously go in like I did a couple of years ago man. I went on a tear and I completely turned off all of my notifications on my phone and my laptop like 000. I have since added some back. So my phone I

I do have Amazon notifications of things get delivered and obviously Air B&B, but I don’t even have text message notifications on you know, and here’s why I did this like our focus by the way is so valuable remember it is it’s the core asset for news and social platforms. Right? Like that’s that’s their monetization is our Focus but notifications just

They’re also trying to bring you back to a a certain brand or business and you know what that’s fine. But instead of them profiting off of my focus and attention I decided I wanted to have control over my focus and attention and allow myself this business to bring in additional Revenue as a result. Did you know that if we’re

Pissing on something and then we’re suddenly jerked away to something else. Like when a notification comes in as a for instance. It can take minutes like full minutes to come back to where you were doing your tasks. If it doesn’t completely derail you and take you off to like especially if you have news notifications if you go and click the news article and things like that, of course, that’s that’s probably a good 20 30 minutes until you’re back in.

The flow of what you were working on before and I just think it’s really good to audit these things. It’s like okay was that worth? You know, like how much is 30 minutes of my time worth and especially as a new mom by the way, my daughter is about to turn a year old, but I feel like I need to be ruthless and in what I give my attention to right now. So I think it’s kind of like this whole notification thing when you just get jerked.

Something else. It’s kind of like a train that’s going full speed right like you’re working on something your flow. You know, you’re whatever it is that you’re your task is whatever you’re working on it a notification comes in. It’s like a train going full speed that just abruptly comes to a halt and change his tracks. Like it’s you just it happens fast and it doesn’t happen gracefully, right? And so you have to kind of work back to okay. I need to get the train back on the right track and then

Now we’re starting from a halt. You need to get that train going and going and going right to get back up to full speed to where you were. And so I mean this this takes I mean a full task switching is what it calls takes about 20 minutes. Yeah, which is I mean mind-boggling and so I so those are the three kind of distractions that I say. We those are things that we can’t really control the can’t

Control, like I said what’s on the news the social feed and the timing that brand send us notifications of all kinds but there’s one thing that I see a lot with entrepreneurs and and that is trying to do too many things at once.

Trying to do too many projects at once having too many goals that you’re chasing towards right isn’t there that like I feel like it’s a Chinese proverb. It’s an ancient proverb regardless what the man that chases two rabbits catches none. Our time is finite I our time and I have over the last few years. I feel like I’ve become more fiercely and fiercely in the camp that our time is our most valuable asset and our energy is finite to you know,

We are not machines. We are not robots and I really do detest this whole like Mega hustle kind of culture like just hustle and grind day and night and all that and maybe going back to that why I just I don’t really like extremes. I don’t I don’t think the truth is in extremes. I think it’s typically somewhere in the middle. So yes, I’m not by the way. I’m not saying be lazy don’t work. What I’m saying is I don’t think it’s really realistic to say

say that our energy is infinite that are our Focus can be infinite. And so I think trying to do more than one thing at once is it’s a distraction, you know, and so I am going to ask you to put on your big boy or your big girl pants today and say no to a lot of things in fact, actually if the idea of adding a short-term rental to your portfolio is a distraction.

From what you’re doing from what you’re building whatever stop this episode, you know, I go get back to work on that because again, it’ll probably take several minutes to get back into the flow. So just stop it right now, right because okay, especially when we’re working on more than one project and it’s not just like a notification that dear literally derails the train if we’re working on one project and then we switch over to another project that will

Take at least 20 minutes to fully get into the flow. And so if you make three switches throughout the day, if you go back and forth between a couple of projects three switches, that’s you’ve lost an hour. I’ve done that so many times. I’ve lost an hour. In fact, if you have a felt I am by the way, I’m not preaching at you. These are all things that I have learned from experience. I am incredibly guilty of all of these at some point and I’m just

I’m pretty ferociously protective of all of my time against distractions these days as you might imagine so but yeah, so three tasks which is a day and you’ve lost an hour. And so if you have like me have felt like you’ve been busy all day. But like when the day is done, you’re not even sure what you actually got done that might be a signal that task switching has happened kind of throughout the day.

So those are the distractions that I see that are most common in by distractions. I mean things that are robbing you of your dreams things that are robbing you of the end results because they take your mind elsewhere in our mind and our time are so incredibly valuable. So my takeaway here and thank you for listening to this episode. I really appreciate it because it means so much to me. My takeaways are fall in love with the word know, right?

Do not take on any more projects see the ones that you’re working on through to the end. And because no here’s what I love. I can’t remember who said this to me first. I’ve heard it a number of places but no protects all of your yeses. So if you say no to a new project you are reinforcing the yes that you said to another project right? And when we have a singular Focus, that’s when we actually start to see momentum.

I think momentum is kind of the lifeblood of entrepreneurs. You know, when we feel like we don’t have momentum it is it’s draining. It’s infuriating all of that and it is a little bit like the idea of immersion. So, you know how I’m sure you’ve heard people taking like a semester abroad or they, you know, they want to immerse themselves into a culture learn a language whatever but it’s because of the immersion they aren’t flying back home a couple of times a day.

Right to be able to speak whatever their native tongue is, like here are the United States obviously English is at least the main he tongue but they immerse themselves and it’s when we immerse ourselves in one thing our brain makes deeper connections than it does on The Superficial level. So I ask that you make a promise to yourself to immerse in the projects that you’re doing ditch make

Taking all of these other platforms like news and social money and take that time to make yourself some money, right and along those lines. My third takeaway is create more than you consume because like I said consuming makes other people money whereas creating is really the only thing that will help you create a revenue stream. And if you’re still listening if you haven’t decided to stop this episode because a short-term rental,

Distraction then in other words that you’ve decided that a short-term rental is your best next move in 2021 awesome am so glad you’re listening and if you are sick of being distracted by all of the shiny objects and what a tried and true method for diversifying your income and bringing in some extra cash flow or let’s say retire a little earlier or pay for your child’s college education, whatever the goal if you’re sick of being distracted by all.

all of the empty promises out there

I hear you. And if you want something that is pandemic proof and recession-proof. In fact, did you know Airbnb launched and grew rapidly during the Great Recession and obviously they continue to grow during the boom and you know what they’re seeing much better results compared to hotels all over the world right now. I want to say the last report. I heard Airbnb is outperforming hotels in 27 major markets around the world.

Yeah, yeah, so something that’s not only recession-proof but pandemic proof. That is what I want to be focusing on right? I don’t want anything to distract me from building something powerful like that. So like I said earlier it is time to make a big girl or a big boy decision and build that vacation rental business of your dreams. You know, what if this is you I have created a very direct actionable road map so you can finally focus on the

One thing to get it launched, right? It is called the six-figure vacation rental roadmap. And in this program, I will show you how to do some pretty intense market research that won’t take forever and won’t cost you much. If anything. I have a completely free way of doing some intense Marga research and also just so you know, it won’t take forever either right? Like don’t be afraid of the intense. I just want you to know it is it’s a robust process so you will also

Also discover how to find the right place for you and how to furnish it and most importantly how to fill it that is right how to profit from your even first vacation rental and in the previous episode. I mentioned a new and it was then unannounced bonus called vacation rental Labs where I’ll walk you through exactly how we’re adding new properties in our portfolio in 2021, so,

This is very real. This is very right. Now. This is whatever this new normal is.

This lab will be me walking you through case-by-case and pretty much opening the kimono to show you how we got it done and I’ll also be showing you some incredible things that I’m going to tease the next episode some additional revenue streams over and above the nightly rate for Airbnb. Yep. That’s right additional revenue streams, but it’s all in the same world and it supports

Same one thing so to get this insane bonus and much more get your name on the early bird wait list right now at Ginny townsend.com to rental and I’ll send you the details as soon as it’s live. Oh my gosh. Again. That is Jenny townsend.com to run total. Thanks so much for joining me today and until next time continue to be up into the right.

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