Ep 48: Craving some TIME FREEDOM? A behind the scenes peek into how I just propelled my business forward with less time!

Before we get started, I want to share that I’m working on a couple of incredible resources for you…

1. The Anti-Hustle Blueprint: How to Bring in Consistent Revenue in Less Time Without Spending a Dime on Ads

2. A Community of like-minded entrepreneurs like you who not only value financial freedom but time freedom as well

Now, why is time freedom so important?
– our most valuable resource
– It’s non-renewable
– financial freedom isn’t really freedom without time freedom attached

Time Freedom = LEVERAGE

What I did this past week…
– did a brain dump of everything I do in my business… weekly and monthly
– assigned a priority level… $$$, $$, A
– brutally cut things that weren’t yielding a return

One high-touch priority I did NOT cut…
– building relationships
– peer to peer relationship building doesn’t really scale in a meaningful way

– I just got back about 10 hours per week
– And I have plans to gain back even more than that with some upcoming outsourcing

What’s interesting… I’ve done this exercise before

But this is a new season
– new priorities
– new opportunities
– new collaborations

So the things that are no longer the things… they gotta go!

So, whether you’re starting a new season, a new month, a new week… take a few minutes and question it all when it comes to your time.

Even if you’re like me and you’ve done this before.

Taking inventory is the first empowering thing you can do. Then, cutting ruthlessly the things that no longer serve you, your family, and your goals.

I’m very thankful that this podcast is still on the list. You matter to me and I sincerely hope you found this exercise helpful.

Until next time, continue to be up and to the right.


Hey, Podcast Nation! Ginny Townsend here and I am so thankful that you’re here. I’m incredibly excited about this topic. It is something that means so much to me and I have found as I iterate things more and more it becomes more of a priority and

In every area of my business and even in my personal life, but more importantly in my business so I can have a personal life. And so if you didn’t read the title, what are we talking about today? And that is time freedom. I want to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into how I just propelled my business forward in a way that requires less time of me. I’m still giving my best. I’m not short-changing anyone involved.

But it requires less of my time, which is incredible. So before we get started, I want to share with you that I’m working on a couple of resources. I’m so excited about being ready to give to you. And the first one is what I’m calling. Here’s yeah. Here’s the working title for it… The Anti-Hustle Blueprint for How to Consistently Make More Money Online and Less Time Without Spending a Dime on Ads. How does that sound? That sound killer?

Oh my gosh, so I can’t wait to get you the anti-hustle blueprint and I’m working on it and we’ll be ready for you very shortly. And then secondly, I’m working on building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs like you who… We do not only value Financial Freedom, but we value time Freedom as well. And so lets with that in mind get right down to it because that as I mentioned is the topic of the day now time as we all know, it’s our most

Valuable resource it is truly the only non-renewable resource. I think in existence. I’m sure we could figure out a way to renew pretty much any other resource except for time and I think the time that I really began to understand how important this was to me is I was in a roll and I enjoyed the role and enjoy the people I work with the project. I was working on that was like it wasn’t anything like that, but it

I asked so much of my time day and night and weekends. And, the last year I was there. I pulled all-nighters with

just a stunning consistency. Yeah, I want to say there was a time of like eight weeks in a row. I pulled one all-nighter a week and you know after I left that role, I think it took about a year before I really felt like I was back to myself like I felt like I was truly Ginny again, and I think that experience that just exhaustion you just into your bones.

I was always thinking about work. There was always much more to do… There was always much more to do than I actually had time to do so it felt I mean there was this kind of psychological side of it was you know, how am I ever going to get this done and just off like feeling like you’re just drinking from a fire hose but consistently like 60 or 70 hours a week, you know, but

I think it also really stayed in my nervous system that experience that level of exhaustion and think probably from like some kind of survival mechanism inside me that my like my nervous system is like we are never doing that again. And so there have been times since then where my schedule has ramped back up, you know, it’s been more days and evenings and sometimes weekends and you know, I think I’ve only pulled just a couple of all-nighters since then and that was a number of years ago, but

I become aware like there are just a few things that start happening like my throat gets or that’s like the first trigger like I know I do that. I’m getting too exhausted. I need to be protective of my time like something is not quite right. It’s all out of balance. And so that get that signed. I’m sure we all have our own story and history with the desire for time freedom. And what has led

Us to it being a priority in our lives, but I really do believe that Financial Freedom isn’t really Financial Freedom without time Freedom attached right and you know, I know that there are so many different connotations to the word leverage, but I’m a huge fan of Leverage especially when it comes to time. So I am I’m a new mom, right? I think there’s yeah she’s 8 months old, you know like I obviously am like my priorities I want to be present with my

Her in a way that I that obviously requires much more time than before. I had her but everything I’m doing now, I’m kind of approaching it like one plus one needs to equal like eight. Otherwise, I don’t know we might have to pass on it. So I wanted to share something that I did this past week and I want you to know like it’s it has already propelled my business forward and I’m so excited. So I just I couldn’t hold it to me.

I had to share it with you. So what I did and here’s the thing like when I tell you what I did to me like oh my gosh, but and here’s the thing I’ve done this before, I’ve done this before. I just feel like it went to the next level with a couple of the nuances that were included. So I did a brain dump of everything that I do in my business. So some of them are weekly some of them are daily. Some of them are monthly, you know, quarterly whatever. Everything that I do…

I dumped it all down and then I went through after that is quite a brain dump and I assigned priority levels. And so and what I mean by priority levels is really the results and so I had how I sorted them whereby dollar signs. So three dollar signs. Yes. That’s something that definitely moves the needle from a business perspective to dollar signs. It’s like okay, you know, it’s important and critical.

so I had three dollar signs to dollar signs and then I just had an a which is for admin things that you know, they need to get done but they don’t necessarily move the needle and so I sorted them into those three categories and then I began and so there were things that just I’d been doing because they had served me at some point or like whatever project I was working on or a different client work I had but I they weren’t quite

Producing the return that they had in a previous season. So I brutally cut things that weren’t yielding a return and yeah, and so at the thing is I actually do consider myself to be pretty decent with time management, you know, I am rarely on social just kind of scrolling and things like that, but there’s some work in our businesses that can be viewed as

Pretty much busywork that we feel like we might need to be doing because we see other people doing but if it’s not yielding results, you don’t worry about it. I mean, there are platforms some social platforms. I’m entirely written off because I just don’t see the return while it works for other people awesome, but it just doesn’t work for me. But there is one high-touch priority that I did not cut actually two and one of them is you’re listening to it. I can’t

Scale me talking. I can’t talk. I can’t record two episodes at once or 10 episodes at once. But I really do want to help entrepreneurs who seek time freedom and Financial Freedom with these resources and this information and story is in strategies that I’ve gained over the years since these became two of my biggest priorities from a business perspective and then the other high-touch priority the non-scalable.

A category that I did not cut was building relationships, especially when I like peer-to-peer relationships They Don’t Really scale in a meaningful way either but the return like and I’m not just saying like returns from a financial perspective, but from a support perspective or like just having people to have conversations with they know, you know that they know what you’re talking about. I think is absolutely invaluable. So yeah, so those were the two higher-touch.

30s but they’re they’re so important to me now and obviously going forward and so here’s the result. I want to give you this because obviously numbers matter numbers tell the story, right? So the result of this exercise of doing the brain dump assigning the priority level and brutally cut brutally cutting things that weren’t yielding a return and only keeping to hire touch priorities that I can’t realistically scale.

Here’s the result. I got back about 10 hours every week.

Is that shocking that’s 25% I just gained 25 percent of a workweek. That’s amazing. I’m sure over time that will end up being years a year at least write like weeks and weeks if not a couple of years and then I also have plans to gain back even more than that with some upcoming Outsourcing which I’m happy to be an open book and tell you how that’s going what I’m Outsourcing and what I feel like has the biggest bank.

For the buck from an Outsourcing perspective. And so what’s interesting about this exercise. Like I said like I said a few minutes ago, I’ve done this exercise before I’ve done you know, where you keep track of at like 15 minute increments what you’re doing, you know, you keep really good track of what you’re doing and all of it like and also brain dumping all of my tasks before but here’s the thing. This is a new season and I think this is a new season for a lot of us, right we have new priorities.

Ruiz we might have new opportunities new collaborations new goals. There’s just a lot of new right we have kind of I mean we’re walking into like the you know, we’re well we’re well into the queue for of 2020, but we’re preparing for 2021 and there’s still so much new ahead of us. And I’m sure we’re all breathing a sigh of relief. Thankfully it was ahead of us, but

But boiled down the things that are no longer the things the things that are no longer moving your business forward bringing you the results that you want for your business.

Meaningful for your family and for you personally and for your health, they’ve got to go they’re not serving you they’re not serving your business and not serving your family. So I think they’ve got to go and I hope you join me in brutally cutting out a couple of hours a week. So like I said whether you’re starting a new season or a new month or a new week or new day, even I encourage you to take a few minutes and question all of it when

Comes to your time. So even if you’re like me and you’ve done this before I encourage you to approach this with an open mind and just see what happens taking inventory is the first empowering thing you can do and that’s that’s I guess another side benefit of this is it’s all empowering you are in control of the entire process, right and then secondly cutting a ruthlessly the things that no longer serve you and your family and your goals that is empowering.

Powering that is telling yourself your family your business your goals that they really matter right amazing and you know what? I am. So thankful that this podcast is still on the list. So and because you matter to me all of you matter to me each one and I sincerely hope that you found this simple yet profound exercise helpful, and here’s here’s what I am continually surprised by it. Maybe we just shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore, but

I think the most powerful things remain some of the most simple isn’t that interesting. So let me know what you thought of this exercise and how many hours you were able to reclaim back from needless tasks or tasks that just they aren’t serving you well and until next time continue to be up into the right.

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