Ep 46: How to Sell Authentically and Effectively Online in 2020

Do you own a business in 2020 or are you planning to launch one soon?

While business has definitely changed this year, new opportunities have opened up for us all if we simply pursue them.

in this episode, I talk all about having a leveraged sales tool in your business and why informational and educational products pretty much always make a smart additional revenue stream and a leveraged offering.

With this in mind, how do we sell online this year?

Great question!

It’s all about achieving these three objectives:

1. Allow your audience to see that you understand them
2. Allow your audience to see that they have a solvable problem
3. And allow your audience to see that your solution is the best solution for their problem

Keep up the great work and I’ll be back next week to share more specifics on how you can bring a powerful leveraged sales tool into your business.

Until next time, continue to be up and to the right!


What’s up Podcast Nation? I’m so glad you’ve tuned in and are listening today. I hope you’re having a wonderful week and I’m excited about today’s topic and that is all about selling in 2020. Now, obviously, we know things have changed. Everything is pretty much changed how we do things in business. And in many areas of our own personal lives have changed this year and you may already have a business or have seriously considered

Given the current economic situation because I guess you know jobs aren’t perhaps as secure as they once were so why not take a little bit of that control into your own hands right. Now the fact that everything has changed in 2020 hear me out that this is not a bad thing. People are looking for everything online like they never have before right like we consider ourselves to be an online culture in 2019 No Doubt.

But I’m sure you would agree with me that we’re looking for everything online right now. Now whatever your business is or whatever the business you’re helping to launch is. I promise you your marketing world has opened up wide with opportunity and side note actually before we proceed on how to sell in 2020 regardless of what your business actually is. I would highly encourage you to bring an educational or informational component into your offering.

Now, what do I mean by that? I was just talking with someone the other day who has a woodworking business that’s like a side hustle rights, not their main job, but they have it and it’s doing pretty well actually, and now while that sounds like an entirely physical product-based business, there’s always room for an informational or educational based product to help even in a woodworking business, right and it shows up as either

An informational based product to help those you serve so your current client base or even perhaps others in your own industry. Now, let’s talk about why information on why educational well something that I really love about it is it’s scalable or you could say it’s leveraged right? You create it once and you keep delivering over and over and over versus building something new every time a client comes and order something from you.

Now that doesn’t mean just because you create it once doesn’t mean that it’s not good. It doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable. It doesn’t mean that like, you’re somehow selling out. It just means you have packaged your expertise and are choosing to deliver it in a way that’s leveraged and obviously frankly. We love having education and entertainment on demand. So I think that that it serves your client or it serves the buyer whoever buys from you.

And also another reason why informational is it even allows you a chance to create even more Authority in your space. So let’s take my woodworking friend’s business as an example. What are some potential informational educational product suggestions now, it could be as basic or broad as a “woodworking 101” from your perspective or from my friend’s perspective on how they approach projects or how they source materials?

Or whatever very broad, or it could be a very highly specialized skill that you’re known for. Let’s say it’s your business. So maybe it’s like turning or wood inlay something like that that many people in the industry would not know how to do or if you want to actually serve industry peers. Is there something about your business that has kind of caught fire in a great way?

I guess that’s not a wonderful analogy to use in a woodworking business. But okay, I’m going with it, right if it’s caught fire in a good way. So let’s say you’ve been able to gain unique distribution or some really incredible strategic Partnerships that have open doors for you. Could you package that knowledge into a product and now I’m not talking about sharing your Trade Secrets or anything like that. Like I’m not talking about devaluing your business, but I am coming.

At this from a perspective that the world is big enough to handle one more woodworking side hustle business, right? So that’s just that’s the perspective so a couple yeah, and obviously if this is your business, you know a couple of the more highly specialized skills that you could package and sell for your clients or you perhaps know your industry and what maybe you know better than your peers and could package and

Then sell to help the industry move forward and like I said to create even more Authority for you in that space. Okay, so that was a very intentional kind of side note. I really do believe that if you don’t already have some kind of informational educational product now is the time to start thinking about it start talking to your customers or your like looking at your industry see where the gaps are that you can fill because this is the time anything that can be delivered digitally.

Lee this is the time to create and get it out there now. Okay. Let’s say you have or intend to have this educational and informational product. How do we sell them in 2020? Great question. Like I just mentioned everything is digital right everything. We are looking for things online were Googling. How do I solve this or how do I do this? Or you know, how do I grow this part of my business or whatever? We’re all we’re always looking for answers online.

And there are gosh there are so many different ways that people sell online and this could quite honestly be an entire series, but I’m going to focus on one key method of sales that I continue to see crushing it.

Including this year, I’ve seen customers take this sales approach. I’ve seen industry peers, you know that I follow and in those who are ahead of me also that I also follow to see like what are they doing? You know, how are they continuing to grow at a rapid rate? And that one sales method is the webinar now, I’m sure you have attended at least one webinar in your day. I’m sure you’re familiar with what it is and let me tell you if it’s been.

A little while since you’ve been on one, they have changed rapidly over the years to frankly to suit buyers, right? If something isn’t effective we change it right and our business, right? But now a webinar that converts in 2020. Does it need to be two hours long? Like they were gosh and like 2014-2015 something like that. We just do not necessarily have the time or maybe we actually do have a good time if you’re you know, if you’re sitting

At home, but I don’t think that that’s how things need we don’t need to create a movie a full-length movie to get our products and services out in the marketplace a webinar the converts in 2020 simply has to do three things one. It has to allow your audience to see that you understand them.

And if your audience sees that you understand them they’ll open up a little bit more trust to you. Even if they’re brand new to you and to your world, right and that’s the first one allow your audience to see that you understand them the second one the second thing that your webinar needs to do is allow your audience to see that they have a solvable problem that they’re not in something that has never been solved before.

Or that it’s not too complex or it’s not too overwhelming that this problem has been solved before and third your webinar needs to allow your audience to see that your solution is the best solution to solve their problem. I mean, it’s pretty straightforward right now. There are obviously as you would imagine some nuances that go along with each of these three things and I’ll cover them in upcoming episodes, but that’s really it.

It and so if you can achieve those three things in let’s say ten minutes. That’s all your that’s as long as your webinar needs to be. It doesn’t need to be any longer.

Then that it simply needs to again communicate one allowing your audience to see that you understand them to allow your audience to see they have a solvable problem 3 and allowing your audience to see that your solution is the best solution for their problem beautiful. Right? And like I said, 10 minutes totally possible and another side note. I know some people when they hear the word webinar they may think something negative so it could be

old school might come to mind overly sales-y might come to mind tons and tons of work might come to mind whatever but let’s just revisit again. Those three key things a webinar needs to accomplish and compare it to any sales process like that could be emailed. It could be a phone sales call or resume sales call whatever one regardless of the method. You need to allow your audience to see that you

Or stand them right if it’s via email or if it’s on a phone call and they don’t think you understand them. You’re not going to make the sale right or allowing and also allowing your audience to see that they have a solvable problem again via email phone Zoom, whatever if they don’t believe that their problem is solvable again, you’re not going to make the sale and finally allowing your audience to see that your solution is the best solution for their problem and again regardless of the sales method.

If you do not achieve that they’re not going to buy from you. So you need all three things on any sales method now if the word webinar again if that triggers something in you, I challenge you to challenge that I wouldn’t want someone’s cheesy webinar to close a door for a highly leveraged scalable sales method that could be really helping you in your business. Don’t let a Cheesy salad.

Those men from a few years ago to find the future of your business. Just don’t do that. So I challenge you to challenge any weird thoughts you have about webinars. And then I encourage you to reframe it or even reword it if that’s how we continue this conversation. I think it’s amazing. So for instance the phrase that I actually use a lot is a leverage sales tool. So instead of being on one-to-one sales calls all day every day. You could have one webinar and have more people

I’ll hear your message. Then you could if you had had 41 our sales calls a week beautiful, right or it’s almost like now, I don’t encourage this immediately, but eventually if you get to a point where you’re like, okay, I know my conversions whatever I want to do this on an automated in an automated way.

Your webinar or your leverage sales tool can also become a 24/7 salesperson in that you do not have to pay a salary. You don’t have to pay any like all of the taxes, you know, you don’t have to pay for health care or benefits. It is a 24/7 salesperson for you. And what I love about leveraged sales tools is that they can provide much more space in a business for the owner to think bigger to do things like focus on

You can initiatives or simply keep a delightfully manageable schedule and manage that imagine being able to hit your goals. Imagine being able to pay your bills add some to savings invest whatever your specific goals are and keep a delightfully manageable schedule amazing, right? So do you want to learn more stay close? Because I’ve got you and until next time when we continue to talk about selling in.

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