Ep 43: Growing an Audience to 120k+ Raving Fans?? The Power of Events with Sunil Bhaskaran

Are you looking for a way to uplevel your audience – both the number of people you can reach and how you can add value to their lives?

If so, this week’s podcast was made just for you!

In the first episode of the Uplevel Series, I interview Sunil Bhaskaran, the premier expert in building audiences (and businesses) using events.

We cover everything from:
– Having a compelling mission and how that can attract your ideal audience, to
– How we as entrepreneurs can use events to uplevel our business, to
– The specific types of events Sunil sees working right now and all around the world, to
– Trends and best practices for events in 2019 and beyond.

It’s a can’t miss episode and I’m so excited to bring this expert your way.


Sunil references http://ExponentialAudience.com  

If you’re interested in scheduling a time to talk with Sunil, feel free to book a time here: http://meetupchat.com

Finally, to see how Sunil runs his very successful Meetup groups, simply search “Sunil” on Meetup.com (You may have to select a Bay Area location such as San Jose).

Enjoy and until next time, continue to be up and to the right!


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