Ep 33: How to Build Capacity… The Entrepreneur’s Secret Superpower

It’s a term you may or may not be familiar with, but capacity is a behind-the-scenes hero that will help you reach your goals by overcoming hurdles, juggling multiple things that needs to get done, as well as, being brave enough to do things you’ve never done. Here’s what I mean…

Hello, Savvy Entrepreneur!

As we dig into this topic, you know I can’t resist looking into what the word actually means.

Google defines “Capacity” as: (N) The maximum amount that something can contain. The ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.

And as I was looking into this word, I stumbled upon its origin. 

It came from a Latin word, “Capere” with means “to take” or “hold.” (Side note: I always love when the origins of a word are from a rather ancient context like this – from a dead language in this case – because it means this word has been a part of the human consciousness for millennia. It’s something we’ve always worked to increase, it’s a part of who we are.)

Ok, next step: What do I even mean when I say, “increasing our capacity?”

It’s basically increasing our ability to handle things – good or bad – either in our personal or business life.

It often grows when we have to deal with crazy schedules, circumstances we never saw coming, difficult people, our preconceived thoughts, AND when the pursuit of our goals meets reality.

In this context, it shows up when we do things we’ve never done before. Stepping out on a limb. Trusting ourselves and those around us. Remembering that the goal we’re working to reach is worth more than the potential scariness of that moment.

Capacity, much like a muscle, is usually developed through “the work of it.”

But capacity, once it’s earned and nurtured, allows you to handle not only more of the issues but more of the good in our lives.

Perhaps “the work of it” is doing that thing you were terrified to do. Or reaching out to collaborate with someone you thought was too far ahead in their business or really didn’t know that well yet.

But it’s in doing those scary things, you’re building the capacity to accept the good that will come from it as well!

So, when you are in the middle of something scary, some unchartered territory, something really challenging or you’re in a season that doesn’t look like it will change fast enough, remember you are building capacity.

This happened to me recently.

We received a phone call about an investment we have – that something was happening that we would have never expected that needed our immediate attention. Then we got a text that a beloved family member was in the hospital.

PLUS… I was in the middle of finalizing everything for the Summit which is actually wrapping up today and we’re planning to move in the next couple weeks. No big deal, right?

So, as we were making phone calls trying to sort things out and keep everything moving forward, I had this quiet voice inside me saying “You’re building capacity. You’re building capacity. This is how it’s done. You’re building capacity.”

I felt like all I could do was be in that moment and do what I knew to do. As we checked more and more items off the massive list and heard back from various people who were involved, things felt like they were moving forward in a steady way. Despite the feeling of chaos and those thoughts of “Are you kidding?” Things moved forward.

(And to circle back, the investment situation is now resolved (better than anticipated), our family member is on the mend, the Summit is going to be incredible, and moves are always a bit hairy and it’s going fine.)

So, as you are working on right now that feels a bit overwhelming, daunting, stretching, or uncomfortable? As you contend with these situations (both internal and external), as you do new things that scare you, remember, you are building capacity.

You are building your capacity.

You’re building your ability to hold more of the good and handle all the rest.

WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Taking a look at anything that’s stretching you now, take a moment to consider how this is growing your capacity. I promise it’ll change your posture on moving through this season.


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