Ep 27: Did You Know There is One Limiting Thought That Targets Your Unique Superpowers?

It’s true. Some thoughts are more powerful than others and some are more targeted than others. And the thought I’m going to share on today’s episode is actually both powerful AND targeted.

But… just like pretty much everything I share, the awareness of this thought instantly gives you the upper hand. Here’s what I mean…

A number of episodes ago, I did a series on “The Usual Suspects”… these are the limiting thoughts and old habits that we usually find nearby when we discover we’ve been holding ourselves back.

In other words, they are the personified building blocks of Glass Walls.

In my work, I’ve found that there are really only about 12 or 15 Glass Walls if you were to boil them down to their core. But lately I’ve seen another one surface in my own work as well as in discussions with other women entrepreneurs. And I’m now officially adding it to the list…

It’s this whole idea that “X is for someone else, not me.” 

That “X” can mean several things to several people. But let’s just insert the word “success.” So, “that level of success is for someone else, not me.”

Or, “Writing a book is for someone else, not me.” Or, “That speaking engagement” or “Starting a business” or you name it!

Like other Glass Walls, this one has no basis in reality, though it can feel so real! It actually makes me think of a book I read a couple years ago.

It’s called The Acorn Story.

The premise of this hard-to-find book is we’ve all been given these amazing acorns (or gifts), a smaller seed that has the ability to grow into the most beautiful tree.

In other words, it’s our unique greatness.

Whether or not that statement sounds profound to you, it’s the author’s follow-on thought that stopped me in my tracks… she states that all the bad in the world specifically targets your acorn while it’s still developing into a gorgeous oak tree.

Depending on your world view, you may call that evil, darkness, or even the resistance. So whatever you call it, this opposing force is strategic.

Then from there, the question this book made me ask was “what is one area you’ve felt consistently attacked, or put down, or belittled?” 

It is actually this area, the author says, where you have the biggest potential. Or to use her words, this could be your acorn. 

Let me give you an example in my own life. When I read this book a few years back, I remember having this “ah-ha” moment…

If I had to look back at memories where I felt like I was being dismissed or belittled, all the instances I could think of revolved around my voice. What I said was dismissed, attacked or belittled. 

And as I had that realization, memories flooded in from across the years that helped bring into focus what had previously felt fuzzy and like unrelated experiences.

So, as a result of that “ah-ha” (and some other similar, incredible moments of clarity), I started to ask myself “What do I have to say?” “Who would listen?” And “How do I actually get out there to be heard?”

You could actually say that this weekly show is a direct result of that moment of clarity.

Where I previously (and definitely sub-consciously) thought “being heard is for someone else, not me” (OUCH! That hurt my heart to type), I was then able to say “Well, if my voice is somehow tied to my acorn, than speaking IS for me.”

Do I fully know what that means? No. (But to be honest, I’m not sure fully understanding something before we engage with it is even realistic.)

But can I move toward it? Yes!

And if, even for a moment, you think this is a selfish or a self-indulgent exercise, take a look at one of my favorite quotes…

“All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men [and women] to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

The best way to get good people to do nothing is to make them feel like there’s nothing for them to do. Period. 

So, if you think that “X is for someone else, not me” or even get a hint that you’re thinking something similar, I lovingly ask you to question that thought.

When you step into your greatness and do what you are uniquely capable of doing, you give life to those around you.

You, as that beautiful oak tree you are, will change the landscape.

And that is for you.

The work, the success, the rewards, the experience, the journey. That is all for you.

I hope you step toward your greatness this week.

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