Ep 22: What I Learned About FOCUS That Helped Everything in My Business to Come Into… Focus!

And this one small shift (that totally took me off guard!) can help you FOCUS on what’s most important as you build your business in the new year!

Here’s the thing about FOCUS. I don’t think any of us would argue it’s not valuable. Or worth honing as a discipline. 

Just doing a cursory search for “quotes about focus,” I found these among many others

Starve your distractions, feed your focus.

Where focus goes, energy flows. – Tony Robbins

Always remember, your focus determines your reality. – George Lucas

Focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead.

Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly.

Focus on the outcome not the obstacle.

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

Focus like a laser, not a flashlight. – Michael Jordan

And we certainly attribute focus as being one of the secret weapons famous athletes have had to master. But when it comes to bringing it into our own lives, it can sometimes be tricky to implement.

So, I wanted to bring this episode to you as a result of a lot of research, learning from the best and experimenting in my own life. Now, let’s get started…

As you may have noticed, I like looking into the definitions and origins of words (and concepts) I’m studying. 

Google defines it as: (N). The center of interest or activity.

SUPER Interesting Fact: The origins of “focus” are Latin and it comes from the root word that means “Domestic hearth.” So, in other words, the center of the home. The center of things.

And just like a hearth with a fire, the heat spreads throughout the home. So, whatever is at your center, your focus, your hearth, it will spread to fill your life.



Internal actions

What we keep thinking about, what we focus on, grows. Just like Tony Robbins said.

I did a series of episodes on “The Usual Suspects” so if these don’t sound familiar, check out my list of links at the bottom of this post to check out these specific episodes.

But as a brief overview, Usual Suspects are those thoughts that always seem to be nearby when we discover we’ve been holding ourselves back.

And it’s these suspects that build the Glass Walls we can run into if we don’t see them coming.

OK… one of the “Usual Suspects” is… “Not enough.” Let’s play this out.

If you keep focusing on that thought… Not good enough… Not smart or talented enough… what do you think the inevitable result will be? 

Something I LOVE about our amazing minds is they pay attention to what we think about ourselves.

For better or for worse.

So if we FOCUS on those “not enough” thoughts, our minds will actually start believing those words. And I think our worlds actually get smaller as a result.

Think about it. If your mind starts believing that you’re not good enough, for instance, why would it ever pay attention to new and potentially amazing opportunities? It will definitely NOTICE them, but it won’t draw your attention to them. That’s a crazy thought, isn’t it?

NOW… this is no doom and gloom episode. I don’t waste my time on that.  😉

That’s another amazing thing I love about our minds. When we change our focus, our mind follows suit. Like a driver in a car, we can decide where our mind goes. Nothing is fixed or set in stone with this. When we choose to think differently, everything changes.

We can decide the domestic hearth, the center of things and OUR MINDS RESPOND!


External actions

This is where what we focus on actually takes some kind of physical form. We act, we build, we move, we engage. 


But think of these external actions as the EMISSIONS on your focus.

It’s the by-product. Not the fuel.

So, as we’re grasping to master the emissions of others, because it’s the only thing we actually see, we’re setting ourselves up to be disappointed.

External actions are the proof of the internal actions.


So… if you’re asking yourself 

What is my hearth focus for 2018? or

How do I even begin to answer that question?

I’ve got a very special gift for you.

If you hop on over to UnSabotage.com/NewYear, you’ll discover I have an amazing two-part gift for you.

1. You’ll receive The New January Action Guide which is jam-packed with exercises and templates to help you narrow down your focus AND get excited about it! 

2. Then, to take this to the next level, you’ll also receive your invitation to the Master Class 3 Steps to a Powerful New Year which will be held on December 28th at 6:30pm.

I hope you happily accept these gifts. They’re full of heart AND power.

Here’s to you and to an amazing 2018! I know you have such greatness in you and I can’t wait to see you UNLEASH it into the world! 


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