Ep 19: Do You Have Big Goals for 2018? Here’s My Best Secret For Doing Things I’ve Never Done Before…

(LIVE from London!) Hey, Gorgeous! As the New Year Approaches, I find myself thinking about all that I want to do in 2018. And many of those things (goals, really) are things I’ve never done before. Do you find the same thing for you?

If so, this is the perfect episode for you! I’m actually in the middle of doing something I’ve never done before IN this episode and I hope what I have to share encourages you and challenges you to step up and make some seriously strides toward those goals (even before the New Years Even clock strikes midnight!).

What should we do to get from here to there?

I’ve gravitated to this really simple and profound statement as I plan for 2018… 

To do things I’ve never done before, I need to do things I’ve never done before!

That’s actually why I’m here in London right now. If you haven’t already watched this episode, I’m in London for a Christmas party. So, before you write me off as being frivolous, I have a couple things I’d love to share with you. 

A few days before receiving this Christmas party invitation, I decided to make live events with other women who are doing amazing things a true PRIORITY for me! In other words, I decided that IRL (or “in real life”) allows for some incredible friendships to blossom, lovely connections to be made and don’t get me started about the conversations that can happen! #IloveIRL

And if you’ve seen or listened to Episode 7 where I talk about the concept of Lift (like an airplane, we can actually use the winds of resistance to climb), you may remember me referencing the “How much do you want this?” headwinds.

Even though a Christmas party may not be considered a “headwind,” the invitation sure felt like an opportunity to prove to myself how strongly I’ll hold to my new IRL priority.

So, I knew I needed to figure out a way to make this happen! 

Once I’d made the decision to go, I moved to think about all that I want to be a part of and accomplish in 2018. And I asked myself this question, “Why do I need to wait until the ball drops on December 31st to start acting on my New Year’s Goals?

As I listed out all that I want to do next year, then started listing out all that I’d need to actually DO to make those goals and dreams a reality, I noticed something in common around a lot of these “tasks.”

Many of them I’d never done before. And oddly, that was comforting. Because the goals I’ve set are for things I’ve never done before. So, if all the tasks were things I felt comfortable doing or wouldn’t have to learn or ask for help in accomplishing, my plans for reaching those goals would probably fall short, right?

Because what got us here won’t get us there, right?

And if I haven’t shared my driving statement for my works, it’s this: All women living bigger lives.

Now, how on earth does this purpose become a reality without doing things I’ve never done before? 🙂 (HINT: It doesn’t)

So, as you look at your plans for 2018, I have a two-part challenge for you.

1. What is your BIG goal for 2018? If you could wrap up all the things you want to accomplish into one BIG goal, what would that goal be? (And, to clarify BIG, I mean something you’ve never done before… Do you get a sense of what the second half of this challenge will be??)

2. Once you’ve defined that ONE BIG goal for 2018, what is ONE THING you’ve NEVER DONE BEFORE that you can do THIS WEEK to move you toward that goal? 

Because often time, all we need is a little momentum. A little bit of excitement or courage to move to the next thing, big or small.

And honestly, here’s the thing… time is going to pass either way.

So, I hope you accept my challenge and DO SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE THIS WEEK to move you toward that goal.

Want to share your goal with someone – or share the ONE THING you’d never done before that you finally DID? Comment below and tell me all about it! I promise to cheers you on!

And speaking of doing things I’ve never done to get me where I’ve never been, I’m hold my first ever MasterClass called Shatter Your Glass Walls (So You Can Step Into a Life You Adore!) this coming Tuesday, December 5th! I’d be so honored if you’d join me.

Click HERE to find out all the great details.

Have an amazing week and, like I said, I hope you do something (it doesn’t have to be big) this week that you’ve never done before to move you toward your goals and your greatness!

Until next week!

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