Ep 16: The Universal Law That Directly Affects Your Success

As I wrap up the Usual Suspects series, I wanted to tie everything up in a nice little bow. How did I do that? Great question!

I went back to one of my favorite questions: WHY?

Why is knowing what our Glass Walls are made of even important? Why did Ginny personify the building blocks that make up these Glass Walls? Why does all of this even matter?

I answer all these questions in today’s episode by connecting them to one of the universe’s most consistent laws… Check it out!

Episode 16: The Biggest Universal Law That Affects Your Success (Plus I Have a Catapult!!)

Who ever gets to make that last statement?? I’m excited about today’s episode for this and several other reasons.

If you’re a reader like me, here are more of my notes. Enjoy!

Why is shattering your glass walls so important? Why is knowing the Usual Suspects so important?

And again, Usual Suspects are my way of personifying the thoughts and habits that create our Glass Walls.

Personifying ideas, thoughts or topics is a very powerful practice! One of the exercises I do with my students is I ask them to personify success.

What does it wear? How does it talk? How does it interact with others? How does it carry itself? Is it masculine or feminine?

Side Note: We could ask SO many questions, but I’ve discovered that just a few questions in, a persona starts to emerge. You’ll be surprised. It’s very eye-opening.

Because if we think success (regardless of how we define that word) is a tool we’ll stop ourselves from becoming that tool! I promise. So, it is wildly powerful to know what we think of things like success, failure, commitment and so on.

And even more than those topics, I’m a huge believer in personifying the building blocks that make our Glass Walls!

Something I consider to be part of my role here at UnSabotage is to bring you new ways of looking at things like this to hopefully shed new light, create space for a well-timed ah-ha moment that opens you to a new success. It’s something I really love to do, too!

I like trying to find other ways of looking at something that allow the ability to see things more clearly!

For instance, it’s like holding this in your hand: a catapult! (If you haven’t already, watch today’s episode. I share the backstory of this little gem and why I thought it was so important to feature it as my FIRST EVER prop here on UnSabotage with Ginny Townsend!)

Bottom line: You can see it from one perspective, but if you look at it differently, you see so much more.

Simply because we see it from a different perspective! Nothing about the object itself has changed! It’s just the vantage point from where we’re watching.

So, today I thought I’d talk about one set of results we see if we’re being boxed in by those walls or shattering them.

Because as business women and entrepreneurs, we care about results, don’t we? I’m preaching to the choir here, right?

So, what are the results when we remain boxed in or shatter the walls and step through?

The different perspective I’d like to share with you today is this idea of Expanding and Contracting.

What do I mean by this? (first of all, if you’re thinking, “Ginny, that’s so woo woo!” give me a couple minutes and I’ll show you that it’s not!)

  • Our lungs are always expanding or contracting

  • Our bank accounts are always expanding or contracting

  • Our waistlines are always expanding or contracting

  • Our relationships are always expanding or contracting

  • Our free time is always expanding or contracting

  • Social movements are always expanding or contracting

  • Lakes and creeks are always expanding or contracting

  • Even plants are always expanding or contracting

  • It’s pretty safe to say, everything in our world is always expanding or contracting

  • In other words, everything is always changing.

Not woo woo is it?

So, doesn’t it make sense that our thoughts and therefore our lives are doing the same? Why would our thoughts and their relation to our lives be the ONLY exception to this universal law?

Here’s how it relates to what we’ve been talking about these past few weeks on the usual suspects:

  • Thoughts that limit us, by their own nature are contracting, right?

  • Thoughts that make you think less of yourself, of the world, of others: Contracting.

  • Habits that were defined and created when we were in a previous role but no longer fit your life are contracting, right?

  • Habits that set us up to play small or put other’s priorities first: Contracting.

    Why contract when you have the ability to expand?

So, with all this in mind, my challenge this week is a simple one:

As you work, as you interact, as you do you, take a moment and simply ask, “Is this expanding or contracting my world? Is this expanding or contracting my work? Is this expanding or contracting the impact I want to make?”

So, I hope the answer to each of these questions is EXPANDING but if it’s not, you are beautifully empowered to change things around.

I hope you have an amazing and expansive week. Until next time!


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