Ep 12: The Best Advice a Good Glass of Wine Ever Gave Me

Hey, Gorgeous! I’m excited to announce I’m starting a new series within these episodes. I’ll be digging a little deeper (pun intended, watch the episode to get it ;)) on specific thoughts and habits that are usually nearby when we discover we’ve been holding ourselves back in a given area.

Today’s thought is refuted by a great glass of wine. Check it out to find out what I mean!

Living in Northern California, we’ve had the chance to learn a lot about wine. And speaking of, Santa Rosa, you’re in our prayers with all the fires. One of my hubby’s coworkers lost their home yesterday to the fires so this definitely feels closer to home.

A couple years ago when the drought in CA was pretty bad, we went to Napa with some friends.

We were talking with a vineyards owner about the drought and he let us in on a crazy cool secret.

He said, yes a drought can be tough on grapes but this years vintage will be valuable. He actually said some of his clients are already pre-purchasing this years wine as an investment.

He said, its actually a best-practice of winemaking to not overwater the grapes. In fact, they slightly under water them. They do this because the roots of the vines will dig deeper and find the nutrients and water that are deeper the surface.

Do you ever hear something and think, “Wow that’s profound. I need to think about this some more.” And I’m still thinking about it which is why I’m sharing it with you today.

How does this tie into my series around common thoughts? So glad you asked.

The thought itself can have a few iterations but it goes something like this:

– I need to wait for the perfect circumstances.

– I don’t have enough money to start that business

– I don’t have all the skills needed to pursue X

So the common thread here is thinking we need to wait for external circumstances, approval, degrees, certifications, market conditions to line up perfectly to move forward.

These are all what I call “surface conditions.” It’s what you can see but it’s by no means the whole picture.

In fact, what if that feeling of a limitation could actually be what adds the most value? In today’s episode, I also share 5 people who, if you would have known their “surface conditions” before they became household names, you would have been stunned.

What if all you needed to do was dig a little deeper to find the real value, the real flavor that makes you stand out. In fact, it was never on the surface.

I hope this week’s episode encourages you. It inspires me and it challenges me to keep digging.

Until next week, Cheers!

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