Ep 11: What I Learned From a Fallen Log on my Birthday

My birthday was this last weekend. (YAY!) I’ve always enjoyed my day of the year. This year, my hubby asked me what I wanted to do and after looking at what the weather was supposed to be (read: an amazing fall day), I told him I wanted to be outside!

So, we went hiking up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. #Gorgeous

But here’s why I’m sharing anything about my birthday… We came across a tree that had fallen forming a bridge across a creek.

Check out what came next…
Drew asked if I wanted to cross the log bridge… Um, no. (Thankfully I reconsidered).

Then, it occurred to me that this could be a tone-setting moment for the coming year.

Why on earth would I want to set the tone around what I couldn’t or wouldn’t do??

So… I took a deep breath and took that first step.

It was a pretty incredible experience! I’m thankful I had the chance to see challenge myself like this. And I’m even more thankful for my husband who challenged me to take it on in the first place.

To check out the video I referenced and to catch a couple other bonuses, visit unsabotage.com/episode11

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